F2F with Heinz

F2F with Heinz

WOA! Enough ketchup here? "Would you like some ketchup, hon?" Yeah, why not...? As a result, we've got more than 20 bottles of ketchup...talking about the bar's sense of humor here.

Only twenty out of annual shipment of over 650 million bottles and thanks to Heinz! Great to have the Fridays as our ITA F2F (just named it as of today), Face-to-Face time even just for an hour in the office. During the normal days we can hardly discuss anything with enough time, and tend to have gazillion things to catch up. Have a safe and great weekend, everyone.

2013 - Shin's Week #4:
・Visitors - 4 Companies
・Visited - 4 Companies
・Net Mtg - 5 Companies
・New Mtg - 1 Company

2013 - Shin's 4 Weeks TOTAL:
・Visitors - 123 Companies
・Visited - 16 Companies
・Net Mtg - 17 Companies
・New Mtg - 132 Companies

ケチャップが要るか聞かれて、下さいとこたえたら20本とはユーモアとはいえ多過ぎです。 結局、本日、土曜日午後も出社。 出社していた方々、現場の皆さん、Y社のN様、本日はお時間を頂きまして誠に有難うございました! 今週もお疲れ様でした!

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