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2016年内の弊社によるアメリカでの参画予定一覧です。 I.T.A., Inc.

9月12日ー9月17日: *1, *2 IMTS (Chicago, IL)
9月13日ー9月15日: ^ Label Expo of Americas (Chicago, IL)
9月13日ー15日: ^, ^^ The Battery Show (Detroit, MI)
9月14日ー15日: ^ U.S. Automotive Private Corporate Event, (Detroit, MI)
9月25日ー28日: ^ GraphExpo (Chicago, IL)
10月5日ー6日: ^, ^^ 2016 HMDC Expo (Houston, TX)
10月23日ー26日: ** 2016 NMSDC
11月6日ー9日: ^, ^^ PACK Expo (Chicago, IL)
11月14日ー15日: ^^ Automotive Private Corporate Event (Covington, KY)
11月27日ー12月2日: ^,^^2016 RSNA (Chicago, IL)
12月1日: ^^ Automotive Private Corporate Event (Southfield, MI)
2017 CES Preparation CAMP

* Mission
** Exhibiting
^ Partner Exhibiting
^^ Visiting for Meetings


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北米での日系製造業さまの生産設備も当初は日本から導入され、それに付随してきたPCが沢山あります。 生産現場にて、10年、20年、30年、と長年稼働している機器。新しいPC導入によるソフトが追随できるかなどを踏まえた調査が進みます。


弊社はますます製造寄りにシフトしますが、この黎明期にアメリカでは様々な技術がタケノコのように生えてまいります。これらの集約性を捉えていけるようにします。   続きを読む

Posted by アメリカ・シカゴ I.T.A., Inc., President, Shin Kishioka・岸岡慎一郎 at 23:12アメリカの流行アメリカ進出アメリカ情報技術室商社業RSNA戦略・提携マーケティング・リサーチ



We are so pleased to announce another participation and support at 2014 RSNA (11/30~12/5) at BOOTH # 7937H (North Hall). Below is the list of the exhibitors from Japan. So please let me know what you find most interesting.

1. Climb Medical Systems
Mammography Viewing Workstations, Teleradiology, PACS, DICOM
Climb PACS aims at improving radiology and cardiology workflow. Climb-DICOM Server can archive all images and clinical data, and can give you a strong infrastructure to share the archived data with PACS clients. The advanced PACS solutions also enable users to retain surprisingly increased data and cut an annual budget. Radiology-Diagnotic-WorkStation Climb-Radiology WS is a powerful and flexible DICOM-based workstation for primary and secondary review of radiology studies. Cardiology-Diagnostic-WorkStation Climb-Cardiology WS is a PC-based cardiology image reviewing and analyzing workstation. The workstation provides enterprise scalability and workflow facilitating users to integrate cardiovascular imaging data. The workstation also helps the users to review primary diagnostic images and analyze them with fascinating image displaying and analyzing tools such as IVUS Long-View, DSA, QCA, and QVA. Mammography Diagnostic-WorkStation Climb-Mammography WS has two high resolution 15MsP grayscale monitors dedicating to read mammogram images. Also, users can view other multi-modality images, and can edit patient's reports with the third monitor. The 15MsP monitor increases level of diagnostic confidence. A hanging protocol function enables the users to access easily to both current and past studies. Dicom based Web Server Climb-Web is an on-demand server system to provide one of access points to the clinical reviewed images and related data such as patients' reports. Physicians comfortably refer to the data using a Web browser on a normal PC..

2. Haltec Corporation
We can offer you contact-type safety devices that can be used over large, complex shapes.Any surface to which you were unable to attach a tape switch or safety pad due to shape, functionality, or aesthetic reasons can now become a switch.Haltec will provide the technology you need to make your device safe and reliable. Tape switches and safety pads are very useful in all kinds of situations around the world, and our products are used in the same way. The difference here is that with our product, any area, no matter if it is a complex, curved surface, can become a switch, and it contains sponge to make it a contact-type safety device. Furthermore, it doesn’t detect a load placed on a limited area, it can detect a load of 0.5kgf or more evenly across a whole surface. This means the areas you thought could never be made into a switch now can be. Our products are currently used in many medical devices and meet the rigorous standards set by major medical device manufacturers in Japan. Each product is made to order and up to now we have delivered more than 100 shapes. For details, please watch the movie about our products below, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions (you can find a list of FAQs on our website).

3. PSP Corporation
We started developing and studying systems to deal with medical images before DICOM was established, and have worked as a vendor specialized in those systems for 25 years. We contribute to our society through our uniquely designed and developed computer system solution. Our objectives are to protect people’s lives and health which are the basic component of our society, to nurture people’s bonds and to enable them to enjoy better social lives. PACS, DICOM Server, Tablet/Laptop Support, Covers most Modalities
In our PACS system, the major three strengths are 1) Ease of use: The display can be fully be customized to suit your needs, enlarging and measuring are very easy, and the past images can be displayed for easy comparison, making the drag & drop feature available at the same time. 2) Speed: the system is not network dependent and therefore the pull and save of the images are superior. 3) The system can also be used for radiation and MRI images integration. The folding images feature allows high quality images for ease of finding small diseases and symptoms of patients. We have installed over 800 locations in Japan.


4. Renaissance of Technology Corporation (R'Tech)
We will be exhibiting Flova, the blood flow analysis system, utilizing one of the MR which is cine PC MRI 3D blood circulation information so that you can diagnose the blood vessel diseases. Also, we will exhibit Cardio Dyna, which is the software based on 3D cine PC MRI. The software analyze and visualize cardiac muscles movement and speed. Also, RP product line for rapid prototyping for making CT image based models.

5. TORECK Co., Ltd.
First in the World!
Dose Area Product & Dose Meter
【Patient Dosimeter / PD series】
PD-9000 series can be installed to the wide range of X-ray equipment such as radiography, fluoroscopy and IVR(interventional radiology), and monitor entrance skin exposure and dose area product in real time.It is connectable to hospital LAN and/or PC for data administration. Patience are concerned with the radiation emitted from CT Scan and you may measure the radiation in REAL TIME! up to 4 locations.
【Thermoluminescence Dosimeter (TLD) System】
TORECK TLD System consists of TLD reader (incl.built-in printer and reading device), TLD elements, TLD holders, annealing oven and radiation source for calibration. The system can provide precise measurement of radiation dose in a wide range of radiation with simple operation.

6. ViewSend ICT Co.,Ltd.
Teleradiology, PACS, DICOM, Viewing Workstations
ViewSend DICOM Server is medical radiograph image database server developed in U.S. Our DICOM Server can link to any kind of modalities.
Function - Storage/Image file management, Access management, Log management, and Data backup.

Thank you.
icon30Shin Kishioka


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