TSE Section 1 Listed 祝上場

[TOKYO] We would like to congratulate Meiji Electric Industries, Ltd.(Code 3388) for their move up to the SECTION 1 OF TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE as of today. The leader in the Japanese manufacturing engineering and factory automation integrator continue to excel in Japan, Asia, Europe, and North America. We hope to support them in the global manufacturing, technology localization, procurement and integration needs as we have been since 1989. This is an huge accomplishment as there are only 1,842 companies out of 4,400,0000 companies in Japan.

昨年の東証二部上場に続き、明治電機工業株式会社様 [33880] が東証一部上場へと市場変更、おめでとうございます! 心よりお祝い申し上げます。ニッポンのものづくりをグローバル市場で支援する技術商社として、一層のご発展を祈念いたしており、少しでもお役に立てればと存じます。お客様の成長が喜びです。icon12

日本の総企業4,400,000社の中でも、  続きを読む

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Meiji (TSE 3388) 94th

Happy Birthday, America!
I was invited to Meiji Electric Industries Co., Ltd.'s (TSE 3388) 94th anniversary.

After the few meetings on Friday, it was so great to see all of the five hundred friends there in one place. The Japanese companies engaged in the manufacturing sector already know Meiji Electric capabilities in improving the efficiency, quality control and reduction of the production loss through the state of the art engineering and system integration know-hows. On top of the establishment for the foundation of their businesses in Asia, North America, and Europe, their recent aggressive entry into the new overseas markets as well as the new industry sectors.

They shall also play vital roles in the new programs by the Japanese government in supporting overseas R&D centers for Asia.

ニッポンのものづくりを最強にしていく、グローバリーに数千社を超えるお取引先や社員の皆様の気概に大変な力強さを感じてきております。 500名の皆様方々はじめご関係者の皆様方と事業や仕事に価値を高めてアクセレレートしていく方法、仕組構築、持続性について一層強化して、陰ながらお支えさせて頂きたいと思います。  社長様はじめ皆々様には長時間にわたり大変お世話になりまして、誠に有難うございました。 心よりお祝いと御礼申し上げます。 

Ms.Ooja、最高でした。 『すごく活気のあるみなさんで、楽しかったです!』by MsOoja. 有難うございました!
#MsOoja  続きを読む

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Presenting Nippon's (Japan) authentic products, that are both cool and useful, by the Japanese youngsters. Wish to develop this as the greatest marketing test site for Japan. These will be produced and operated by the college students in Japan.

ITAインターンがニッポンの優良商品ショッピングサイトのnipponyを立ち上げました!ニッポンの強みを世界で、  続きを読む

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ICHIRO's Secret Gym

Now, I need to really start my work out, perhaps some machines such as Ichiro's secret machines that are so famous now. Read this carefully and you will realize how most of the training are wrong for what you want. Will see to try these The beginning movement of load and flexibility training, and maybe I can minimize my work outs, as Ichiro is not so much different age from me.

Happy Mother's Day~!! 初動負荷トレーニング・あらゆる怪我を防止し、筋肉に弾力性をもたせて力を出し易くする。 ぶっ倒れる前に、、、そろそろ本格的に鍛えねば。


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Friend's friend founded TWITTER.
One of the founders' ideas were to put the messaging out across like a tweeting. He thought of bringing the Japanese HAIKU into it to express WABI-SABI.

Not only the case of Twitter, or Steve Jobs of Apple trying to perfect and Zen-mind and the soul/spirit into the product, as well as the president of EBAY is a big fan of Japan trying to integrate Japan into the site, but combining technologies and services with the Japanese concepts and culture into products and services are becoming more more glocal trends nowadays.

Hotels from YOTEL are really packed with all of the great stuffs that the hotels in Japan offers. The retail products that are Japanese quality brought by Seymourpowell is also impressive. Taste wise, IvanRamen and Ganso in NYC are trained in Japan and very high quality noodle delights. Health foods and Japanese grocery-wise, WholeFoods and others did it in American-way but greatly to bring the healthy foods to the market.

Although there are many more examples, but the funny thing is that all of these non-Japanese new business people and entrepreneurs are incorporating the Japanese and better translated than when the original Japanese people doing them.

What's next? People really are starved for the real and authentic Japan! We are trying and going on a long journey to designing and integrating the authentic Japan and the OMOTENASHI soul as a core module, an Operating System, of any products/services bringing into the market. Platform creation is next and we Japanese must also get involved to do these to bring the best of Japan to the world. We would need the best of the best business development, sales, distribution, logistics/warehousing to support team in the platform in the USA. Thank you.


そして、面白いのはグローバルレベルで海外の人たちがそれらを手掛けているということです。 是非、なんちゃってジャパンになる前に、オーセンティック・ジャパンを普及させていきたいものです。 我々、日本人たちも少しは世界へ向けたジャパンビジネスに参画しなければ。 



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Recently, our function as an exporting distributor of US and EU industrial products going to Japan is changing.

Globalization of suppliers means that a Japanese machine made for a North American factory may include parts made in a country that has no distribution in North America. Likewise, the product from the US may include components not available in Japan or Mexico or Canada. Few companies are capable of doing global procurement for themselves or for their customers.

Sealant dispenser needles from Denmark,
Vacuum pumps from South Korea,
Matrix switches from Switzerland,
Zero-point mounting systems from Germany,
Rebuild parts for tubing bender/cutter from Taiwan

Bring us your technologies and products to us.

I.T.A., Inc. Focus: Advanced Technologies, Medical, Manufacturing, Inspection, Measurement, Digital Devices, Industrial Machinery, Printing, Construction/Rental, Environmental Products, Precision Parts, IT , Security, and Highly Specialized Materials since 1980.

We will be also building up all of the supply chain supporting vendors and service providers too!
ITA, Inc. on LinkedIn


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Congratulations for the double award winning!
During the 2015 CES, we are grateful that our team companies receive great awards. 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honorees for LiveWedge and XON received 2015 TOP of Tech Awards on different products! icon12 Chatting with the president Iwasa was inspirational and big learning experience for me.

Miraisens also surprised so many technology innovators by actually seeing the demo. The common factors for all of these are innovation, the only one in the world and tech spin out from large Japanese manufacturers. Also, check out the new Japanese tech venture such as Ring: Shortcut Everything and ux-xu's bocco will appear in Kickstarter in the Spring among some the other ones that we will be launching soon. On the other hand, the industrial top-notch technology companies are expanding their presence in the global market, TOPS Systems are well received by the next generation vehicles in their unique topstream processors in handling massive data. Now they are in Silicon Valley. It was so great to reunite with these friends this time.

The ROBOT REVOLUTION will be launched this Spring starting in Chicago for our Robotics Companies so stay tuned.

2015CESのテクノロジー賞やイノベーション賞を受賞する仲間たちをみて、『今までとは完全に違う日本の新たな技術大国の時代の到来』を確信。  続きを読む

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明治電機工業株式会社 - 東証2部[3388]
日本のものづくりを強くする・・・グローバル進出とテクノロジー支援の加速化、アメリカでも日本のものづくりや技術が沢山導入されております。 同社で始めてアメリカにご駐在された林 代表取締役、グローバル展開の本格化、一層のご健闘をお祈りいたしております。icon12icon12


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Precision Perforated Metal

We would like to let you know that we are happy to represent and exhibit at FABTECH 2013 (Chicago, November 18-21). We will be exhibiting high precision Super Punching Perforated Metal Products. Please come and see us at the show!



Woven Wire Cloth, Twilled Weaveimg, Plain Dutch Weaveimg, Twilled Dutch Weaveimg, Intermediate Crimpimg-flat, Flat Top (Smooth Top) Crimpimg-ton, Oblong Openingsimg, Triple Shootimg, Test Sieve of Metal Wire Clothimg-wire, Wire Gauge (Wire No.), Wire Net Conveyor13, Diamond Meshimg, Hexagonal Meshimg-fine, Fine Mesh, Perforated metal, Perforated MetalFor Granulation and MillingFor Centrifugal Separation, Super PunchingTM, Wire Mesh Mist Eliminators, Wire Mesh Mist Eliminators, Distillation Column Packing


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Solar System Compliance

Solar Safety & Compliance:
Please let me know how companies are you preparing for the NEC 690.11 and AFD/AFCI in maintaining the solar compliance? What are some of the commonly implemented practices to be compliant? TOGAMI Electric has the solution and hope to be part of the solution for these issues. See you at SOLAR POWER 2013
BOOTH#: 151

Imported, Supported by Meiji Corporation and I.T.A., Inc.



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Cutting Edge Techs Diginfo TV

Japan Diginfo TV

We had nice guests from SAGA today and we have so many Japanese companies coming here.

The Japanese exchange rates have swung towards slightly favorable side now and with the Abenomics wind in the back, they should enter in to the U.S. market to create more jobs and do business here.

There are so many sate of the art great great technologies that we don't even know about... We promise that we will make sure they will be here. If you are developing or are into R&D, you might want to look into some of these cutting edge technologies, research and development works from Japan to see if there are any rooms for collaboration or joint R&D work. Well, take a peak at some of them at diginfo.tv.


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Medical & Radiology Tech

Below is a list of companies and technologies, our debut at RSNA (12/1~6) at BOOTH # 7923 (North Hall). Let me know what you find most interesting.

ViewSend ICT Co.,Ltd.
Teleradiology, PACS, DICOM, Viewing Workstations

Climb Medical Systems
Mammography Viewing Workstations, Teleradiology, PACS, DICOM

TORECK Co., Ltd.
Dose Area Product & Dose Meter

Job Corporation
Portable Medical Hi-Freq X-ray Unit

Mammography viewer, X-ray Viewer, non-magnetic apparatus for MRI, verbal patient instructor


PSP Corporation
PACS, DICOM Server, Tablet/Laptop Support, Covers most Modalities

Thank you.
icon30Shin Kishioka


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We will be exhibiting the PV Module Fault Detector to String Level, PV Doctor, at the 2013 Solar International in Chicago. Please see us at BOOTH #: 151. icon30 Contact me for any questions and/or appointments.

Togami Electric


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Somethin' we are cheering on is WAKUMI Japan, my friend involving in launching it, which the name signifies a gathering of some of the most distinctive products and services from Japan.

どの分野においてもオールジャパンで海外へ。 日本勢のクールジャパンにのるかのような彗星のWAKUMI。

このサイトに留まらずに、ひっそりとマルチブランディングをプロデュースして強烈に光る成功案件も。 今やオリジナリティやユニークネスを突き詰めるためにポピュラリティを重要視しない、寧ろ、検索に引っかからない手法もとる企業たちも。 それでも尚、世界はみていて探し出してくれています。 そんなWAKUMIをはじめとする光る集団たちを応援しています。 


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Líderes en la Distribuición!!!

Hola! Me llamo Shin Kishioka trabajo con Meiji Corporation,
Líderes en la Distribuición de Productos Japonés Para la Automatización de Fábricas

Bienvenidos a "Meiji Corporation", el distribuidor más destacado de componentes automatizados de fabricas desde Asia, Europa y Norte América. Fundada en 1920, en Japón y establesida en Norte America desde 1987, "Meiji Corporation" se ha comprometido al crecimiento, desarrollo y una larga relacción con sus clientes. Nuestros esfuerzos que suplementan estas relacciones son através de:

-Oficinas Regionales disponibles para almasenar productos
-Competente, Representantes de Ventas responsivos
-Servicios de Ingenieros
-Vasta linea de productos
-Relacciones duraderas con nuestros vendedores
-Búsqueda de vendedores individuales al inmediato

Esperamos poder brindarles de nuestros servicios utilizando nuestros grupos de profesionales en Ventas e Ingeniería.Sobre todo, le guarantizamos el mejor servicio!


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